Breda - extends your space

Go out and discover Breda’s surroundings. So much to do in the open air! The Baronie of Breda knows many ancient and beautiful woods, lovely to stroll through or to explore by bike. Or would you rather go out on the water? Anything is possible. 

Breda extends your space!

Natural reserves around Breda

Not only Breda itself, but also its surroundings are green. Let’s sum up some natures reserves around here:

  • The Chaamse bossen: an oasis of tranquility and space, where deer graze and birds of prey fly over the treetops.
  • The Strijbeekse heide: a surprising heathland with lots of fens and marshes in the midst of Scots pines.
  • The Liesbos: the largest English oakforest in the Netherlands!
  • The Ulvenhoutse bos: it is well known for its rich flora. During springtime for example,  it’s covered with wood anemones and yellow avens.
  • The Rucphense bossen: the most peculiar phenomenon you will find here is sand shifting!
  • The Pannenhoef: this is the area where Vincent van Gogh developed his love for nature.

Hiking through the Markdal

At a stone’s throw from the center of Breda you will find lots of nature. 

One of its most beautiful reserves is the Markdal. This valley is named after the River Mark, which originates from the Belgian town of Merksplas and flows across the meadows south of Breda. To prevent us from floods our Forestry Commission has made the Mark meander again. The river’s forelands capture excess water, giving all natural inhabitants a chance. A great spot to enter the Markdal is the Duivelsbruglaan.

Hiking or biking through the Mastbos

The Mastbos (pine forest), planted bij Henry the 3rd of Nassau, is also known as Breda’s back yard. Departing from the borough of Ginneken, you immediately enter the forest. 

Both people from in and outside of Breda love these woods for hiking, biking, sporting, relaxing and enjoying nature. The Kogelvanger at Galderseweg 55 in Breda is a fine spot to start your trail.

Enjoying the Boerderij route (Farmer-track) by bicycle

Breda and its surroundings have many beautiful places to offer! Take your bike and explore the green scenery around town. Soon you will discover lot’s of local products and fine regional shops. Along this route you will pass some stylish farmshops.

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Cruise the Singels

Explore Breda by boat and sail along the canals of this historic city, meanwhile enjoying the fabulous views. Whilst sailing, Breda’s history on and around its waters will become clear. Rent a boat at Bootje Varen or a motorboat at Beleef Breda. When Corona-measures allow it, it will also be possible again to book a roundtrip. View some fine navigational routes in and around town.

More into activity? Go and rent a sup-board or a canoe!

Cycle along the Zuiderwaterlinie

Hop on your bicycle and discover the Zuiderwaterlinie! The oldest, longest en most used waterline of all Dutch defense lines. Where soldiers crossed the borders in earlier centuries, you will now find Brabant’s hospitality. Enjoy the historic, picturesque fortified villages, visit their impressive ruins and relax in the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

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Lieske Meima

Parks in Breda

When the weather is fine, visitors as well as Breda residents love meeting each other in the parks. Breda is coloured green by its parks and its hidden sites. Of course the Valkenberg Park is a beautiful example in the city center. But also The Wilhemina Park, Park Sonsbeeck and the Zaartpark are absolutely worth visiting.

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