Discover the hidden - gems of Breda

Breda has so much to offer. Don't limit yourself to the city centre - which you absolutely shouldn't miss - but also take a look at the cool hotspots in Haveneiland, the unpolished Haagdijken and take a stroll through the Haven neighbourhood. Or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Veemarktkwartier, the Mediterranean appearance of Oranje-Zuid and the Burgundian atmosphere of the Ginneken. The neighbourhoods of Breda are all worth exploring.

Het Hart

Breda’s beating heart: de Grote Markt. Hundreds of shops, delicious food and drinks on the lively terraces and, of course, its eyecatcher: our Grote Kerk (church).

A historical part of Breda full of surprising sites to discover. Visit the intimate shopping court ’t Sas, the exquisite Houtmarkt or the indoor shopping plaza Barones.

May we invite you to a pleasant shopping spree?


For our gourmets Oranje-Zuid breathes grandiosity and allure with a Mediterranean touch. Passionate entrepreneurs treat you to a warm and personal welcome and love to invite you to their specialties. Shopping, having a drink, Orange-South is an outstanding area for enjoying life.

Het Veemarktkwartier

Here Bredas trendy craftsmanship can be experienced: small scale businesses with their own significant signatures. Their personal touch translates into its unique and free atmosphere.

The streets of the Veemarktkwartier are interesting to wander through and enjoy their uniqueness.

De Haven

Bredas boulevard, De Haven (harbour): excellent for strolling, lounging, floating in a little boat or relaxing on one of the terraces. With its waters and the Havermarkt, Breda provides you with many perfect opportunities to relax. From daytime to nighttime, this is the entertainment district.

Living life to the fullest!

De Haagdijken

“Unpolished” is the word to describe The Haagdijken. Their distinguished character forms an obvious link to past centuries and Bredas rich history. Colorful, lively and diverse!  The Singels, Bredas canals, display a fascinating corridor to the city center.

Come and visit to see for yourself!

De Boschstraten

“Everyone is taking it easy here”. Being a bycycle alley, this is the message to other traffic, but also the best way to describe the Boschstratens atmosphere. Including one of Bredas oldest streets of the city center, this area is home to our creative entrepreneurs, typical Breda businesses and, of course, our Stedelijk Museum.


Bredas warm welcome. Investigate the Stationskwartier: exquisite and contemporary architecture meets the typical 30’s vibe. Nearby, the Royal Valkenberg Park unrolls the red (or, if you wish, green) carpet to all the beauty Bredas city center has to offer.


From industrial zone to trendy hotspot for living, working and experiencing, this absolutely is a place to visit. The transformation of the Haveneiland is distinctive for the city-in-motion Breda is. Allow yourself to plunge into creativity, industrial history, the passion of local entrepreneurs and discover this area!


Ginneken is Bredas southernmost and most hedonistic district. Here you will experience tranquillity and spaciousness combined with the liveliness of town, just around the corner. Discover a mix of shops, horeca and history. After shopping, take a relaxing break at one of many caterers in this high-end area. Or enjoy nature and space in Ginnekens green surroudings of the Markdal and the Mastbos (pine forest).

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