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Breda, a modern city in a historic setting. And that is not surprising, given its rich history. The tranquility of the Begijnhof, the impressive Grote Kerk (church), the old Kasteel van Breda (castle) and the unique Blind Walls Gallery. All a stone's throw from each other. Discover the most beautiful sights of the 'Pearl of the South'.

Grote Kerk

Breda's eye-catcher: the 15th century Grote Kerk (Big Church) on the Grote Markt. Catholic in origin, but passed into reformed hands after the iconoclasm. The church is an important legacy of the Nassaus, the ancestors of the Dutch Royal Family.

Nine Nassaus and the first Prince of Orange found their final resting place there. Admire their mausoleums and climb up for some tangible history and fantastic views.

Blind Walls Gallery

Blind Walls Gallery is the museum on the street. A growing collection of more than 80 murals created by international artists. Each painting is based on a Breda story that fits the location. Cycle or walk along the street art and be surprised.

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An oasis of peace, in the middle of the city. The Begijnhof (Beguinage) was founded in 1267 and was originally closer to Kasteel van Breda (castle). Because Count Hendrik III of Nassau wanted to expand the castle and the garden, the courtyard was moved in 1534-1535 to the location where it is still located today, the Catharinastraat.
As change for this, Count Hendrik promised that the Begijnhof would henceforth remain under the protection of the Nassaus.

The houses of the Begijnhof are located around the large herb garden and the bleaching field.

Kasteel van Breda

The Lords of Breda, descendants of the royal house of Oranje-Nassau, lived in this castle, held court, feasted and exercised their power. Kasteel van Breda (castle) is located in the inner city. In 1198 there was already a castle on the site of the current castle. In the 16th century Hendrik III van Nassau transformed it in the first renaissance palace of Northern Europe. 

Unfortunately, many of the original fortifications and the renaissance details are no longer present since the Dutch Royal Military Academy is located here. You can still see two heptagonal towers at the Spanjaardsgat. From the Valkenberg Park you have a beautiful view of the castle. 

Because the Castle is on military grounds, it is only accessible during guided tours by Gilde de Baronie.

Park Valkenberg

The royal park Valkenberg forms the red (or green) carpet to all the beauty that the city center of Breda has to offer. Until 1812, the Valkenberg served as a castle garden for the Lords of Breda. In the past the park was only accessible to the castle residents and their guests, but nowadays it is the ultimate meeting place for young and old. Look for the sun or the shade of the centuries-old trees.

Kasteel Bouvigne

The estate of Kasteel Bouvigne (castle) dates back to the fifteenth century. It consists of a fairytale castle surrounded by three special gardens in French, English and German style. The orchard has been restored and the estate contains various works of art. This beautiful estate is more than worth a visit. 


Between the centuries-old trees of the Mastbos in Breda is a forester's path that takes you along a wealth of nature, history and animals. Stately beech avenues, extensive heaths and beautiful fens make the Mastbos beautiful in every season.

Stroll through the varied area and discover the waterfront egrets, the blooming sundew and the fiery red dragonfly in the summer.

Boat trip

Explore Breda by boat and sail along the canals of this historic city. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful view that the city offers. By sailing it becomes clear what has happened on and around the Breda water. Surprising to view Breda from the water.

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