Where to stay

in Breda

Where to stay in Breda

You can never get enough - of Breda

How lovely is it to wake up in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands? Especially when you walk a lot while exploring Breda.
Breda has many possibilities to spend the night.

Get your night's rest in one of the hotels, bed & breakfasts or look for a campsite or hostel if you prefer to close your eyes affordably. In a nutshell: plenty of choice for a simple or luxurious overnight stay!

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Breda Nightflight
Breda Nightflight Hostel

Nijverheidsingel 311
4811 ZW Breda

Bed & Breakfast Kleyn & Ko
B&B Kleyn & Ko Breda
Bed and Breakfast

Dillenburgstraat 83
4835 EB Breda


Spiekestraat 22