Where to stay

in Breda

Where to stay in Breda

You can never get enough - of Breda

How lovely is it to wake up in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands? Especially when you walk a lot while exploring Breda.
Breda has many possibilities to spend the night.

Get your night's rest in one of the hotels, bed & breakfasts or look for a campsite or hostel if you prefer to close your eyes affordably. In a nutshell: plenty of choice for a simple or luxurious overnight stay!

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Camping Schouteveld

Schouteveld 1
5126 NB Gilze

Hotel Nassau Breda *****
Hotel Nassau Breda
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Nieuwstraat 23
4811 WV Breda

Hotel Mastbosch Breda
Hotel Mastbosch Breda
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Burgemeester Kerstenslaan 20
4837 BM Breda

Novotel Breda ****
Novotel Breda
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Doctor Batenburglaan 74
4837 BR Breda

Apollo Hotel Breda City Centre****
Apollo Hotel Breda City Centre
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Stationsplein 14
4811 BB Breda

Hotel Princeville ****
Hotel Princeville Breda
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Princenhagelaan 5
4813 DA Breda

Bliss Hotel ****
Bliss Hotel Breda

Torenstraat 9
4811 XV Breda

Golden Tulip Keyser Breda ****
Golden Tulip Keyser
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Keizerstraat 5
4811 HL Breda

Ingenhousz Breda
Appartement Ingenhousz

Dr. Jan Ingenhouszplein 42
4814 EH Breda

Onderwijshotel Groot Arsenaal
Onderwijshotel Groot Arsenaal

Fellenoordstraat 93
4811 TH Breda

Campanile Hotel Breda ***
Campanile hotel Breda
Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

Minervum 7090
4817 ZK Breda

Aan de Singelgracht
Aan de Singelgracht Breda

Delpratsingel 14
4811 AN Breda

Hotel Sutor ***
Hotel Sutor Breda

Catharinastraat 2
4811 XH Breda

Nouveau van Ham
Nouveau van Ham Breda

Van Coothplein 23
4811 NC Breda

Stadshotel de Klok ***
Stadshotel de Klok Breda

Grote Markt 26
4811 XR Breda

Hotel Merlinde****
Hotel Merlinde Breda

Schorsmolenstraat 6
4811 VP Breda

Bastion hotel Breda ***
Bastion hotel Breda

Lage Mosten 4
4822 NJ Breda

Hotel Première Classe **
Hotel Première Classe Breda

Minervum 7092
4817 ZK Breda

Bed & Breakfast Time Out
B&B Time Out Breda
Bed and Breakfast

Overaseweg 25
4836 BA Breda

Huize Druivelaar
Huize Druivelaar Breda
Bed and Breakfast

Haagweg 386
4813 XG Breda

Bed & Breakfast De Bievangh
B&B De Bievangh Breda
Bed and Breakfast

Tilburgseweg 239
4817 BD Breda