The Harbor Quarter is a place where the creators began their journey as creative individuals. Both during their education and afterward in a shared studio. They can often be found at places like Pier15, Electron, and BRACK for inspiration and interaction with other creators. These places have provided them with a community for which they are very grateful, and now they are eager to give back by contributing to the project: The Red Thread.

Evelien van der Peijl

Evelien is a graphic designer based in Breda. The focus of her work lies in exploring societal habits, personal experiences, and historical backgrounds. Rediscovering and evolving herself is an important element in her work. Therefore, experimentation is a key term that aptly describes her style. Someone described her style as "organized chaos," and this is something she also lives by.

Evi Hogervorst

Evi, as an illustrator, creates accessible and colorful work. Her illustrations are not limited to one format or medium and can range from small drawings to large wall or window murals. What characterizes her style are clean, colored shapes in dynamic compositions, always with a cheerful color palette. The figurative images that arise tend towards the abstract, allowing plenty of room for the audience to interpret the work in their own way. She usually draws inspiration from observations in daily life. She finds it interesting to depict everyday things or activities in an abstract manner. This way, the viewer can either recognize themselves in it or let their imagination run wild.



Rosa Meininger

Rosa is a photographer with a focus on green and societal reports. Her approach begins with observation, after which she moves like a 'fly on the wall' to record what catches her eye. In addition to her photographic work, she also plays a role in Breda's cultural sector. For instance, she organizes and facilitates zine projects, where she guides young creators in collectively producing a publication within a (very) short period of time. Rosa is a child of the Havenkwartier, and has previously collaborated with almost all the organizations and entrepreneurs in the area.

Pim Allonsius

Pim is a Creative Thinker & Maker. A thinker due to his background in concepting and design, and a maker due to his hands-on skills. His focus is on creating physical works; from solid wooden furniture for individuals to plastic constructions for the city of Breda. He does all of this from his workshop right in the heart of the Havenkwartier.

Emma Zietz

"When I moved to Breda in 2016 it was my first time ever to be in the Netherlands. I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know much about the city I was about to live in, and I had a lot of exploring ahead of me. I thought the best way to get to know a city and its people is to make conversation with the locals and find out where they spend their time. After getting quite familiar with the city center, I had a hunger for more, I kept asking and biking around (as a true Dutch does). And somehow after roaming around I found my way to the Harbour quarter. It was quite clear this place is different from the rest of Breda; it had pieces of tough Berlin and some wildness of Ximen night market in Taipei. These were pieces of my previous homes that found themselves in small, civil Breda. The way the people lived, worked, dressed, and acted was different from the rest of Breda, a community of its own. Something to this day I applaud, something I want to be part of and somewhere I feel welcome.”