Welcome to the Red Thread, the project that connects the Harbor Quarter with the city center and highlights various locations in this creative district. It's not a literal red thread, then what is it? Follow the red thread, find out and explore the Harbor Quarter!

The people behind the Harbor Quarter

The entrepreneurs of the Harbor Quarter have been actively involved in the design and creation of the Red Thread. They have been interviewed about their role in the area and have assisted with the placement of the designs. Learn more about the creative spaces! Explore the Harbor Quarter.

The makers of the Red Thread

Four creators, in collaboration with Breda Marketing, set out to find ways to highlight the diversity of this area. What did they discover? There's already so much - it just needs to be emphasized and pimped. Unused fences, steel structures, and forgotten beams are transformed into canvas and frame in this project. Wire and ribbon are used, materials that emphasize the values of the area: versatile, flexible, and connecting.

Evelien van der Peijl and Evi Hogervorst from the art collective Zut Mon Sac, together with photographer Rosa Meininger and creative thinker and maker Pim Allonsius, delved into the environment. They collaborated with numerous entrepreneurs from the neighborhood and organized exhibitions, creative markets, and zine projects in and with the Harbor Quarter. Curious about the story of these creators?

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