Nassau Baroniemonument

Where Park Valkenberg, bij de Willemsbrug



Park Valkenberg, bij de Willemsbrug
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The Nassau monument or Baronie monument commemorates the arrival of the German count Engelbrecht van Nassau in the Netherlands. The three reliefs show how he and his wife, 11-year-old Johanna van Polanen, born in Breda, were inaugurated as Lord and Lady of Breda. With their marriage, Engelbrecht and Johanna laid the foundations for the House of Orange Nassau, our Dutch royal family.

The monument was festively unveiled by Queen Wilhelmina in 1905. Around it are the coats of arms of twenty municipalities located around Breda. On top towers the Lion of Nassau with royal crown, sword and coat of arms.

The famous Dr P.J.H. Cuypers, architect of the Rijksmuseum and Central station in Amsterdam among others, designed the monument.