Saskia van Rijn (32) is the community manager at the Triple O Campus in Breda: the incubator for creative industry and applied technology, now home to nearly 90 companies. After her first introduction to Breda, Saskia says she was "hooked". "I knew: in this city I have to work."

Hooked on Breda, tell us!
"That's mainly in the personal character of the city. And in the togetherness you feel here. Privately, but also professionally. I'm quite a social animal myself, but making contact really comes naturally and with ease here - even if you're not a hero at it. Also nice: people here are not so quick to think something of someone else. We give each other what we want and you can be yourself here. I really see Breda as the living room of the creative industry."

Why do you think is the 'together' philosophy so important?
"It's good to step off your island from time to time. To get inspiration from someone else, or seek cooperation with someone you don't know yet. That enriches your work and often makes the result better."

So this is exactly what the Triple O campus is all about. About cross-pollination between companies, but also with education, for example. "Sharing knowledge through guest lectures in our grand café, giving young talent the chance to get a taste of the practice and getting to know potential employers; that too happens here."

How do you facilitate this cross-pollination?
"First and foremost, we make sure that the companies on the campus can find each other - and are open to it. We regularly organize events, inspiration sessions and get-togethers. So that people can meet each other both professionally and personally. To join forces and take projects to the next level. But also, just to have a good time together.

I believe that you do better work when you feel good in the place where you work. With nice people around you. You can now also play sports on the campus and our grand café is a place where you meet everyone. It can feel like a second home here.

I am also the point of contact for parties outside the campus. There is a lot of knowledge here. I am constantly amazed by the clients, including international ones, who come knocking on our door. And of the often trend-setting work we produce here. You tend to think that this is only for companies in the Randstad, but it also happens here, in Breda. We can tell that even better to the outside world - and I am happy to do my best to achieve that."

In Breda, we know what good living is. Of course, the city leans perfectly into that. Work hard, enjoy hard. That's real Breda.

Is everyone welcome here?
"We aim at entrepreneurs who are both in the creative industry or applied technology - and understand what it means to work on a campus. The community here demands that you also bring something - not just get something. You have to be willing to open your door, at least figuratively speaking."

To provide a place for starting entrepreneurs as well, a Co-workspace has been set up. "Here we do bet on continuity again. We ask start-ups to commit to the campus for at least three months. It should not become too volatile, the community is number one here."

Want to know more about the campus, or do you have a question for Saskia? Feel free to get in touch!

Triple O Campus
Reduitlaan 33 
4814 DC Breda

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