Breda brings it together – the city's slogan of Breda. Maurice Vermeulen skillfully translated this into the concept of 076@WORK. This building accommodates a variety of businesses, from video production to finance - At this place, different sectors come together. And that's what it's all about at 076@WORK: collaborating and strengthening each other. As Maurice explains, 'It's not just a place to work, but also a breeding ground for collaborations and new ideas."

Can you paint us a picture of 076@WORK?
"The location offers various offices, meeting rooms, and multiple shared facilities such as a work café and pantries. 076@WORK serves as a bustling hub where knowledge and networking are shared. As a tenant, you can use all the facilities that give your business a significant boost free of charge. The building is conveniently located in the center of Breda and has a large private parking area. Furthermore, the building is equipped with the most modern, sustainable solutions.

It was important to create an 'I want to work here' feeling upon entry. We have extended that feeling to the rest of the building - the meeting rooms, offices, and pantries. Thanks to warm colors, plants, art, and beautiful wall paintings, there is a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere."

What can you expect at 076@WORK?
"For us, it's all about collaboration and working together. The building is designed in a way that everyone has their own space but makes full use of shared meeting rooms, kitchens, and work cafes. With glass walls and open doors, people are encouraged to connect with each other and form collaborations. It's a place where transparency and activity are central, and where everyone knows each other or at least knows which company they work for.

We also organize various fun activities, from a night at NAC (a local football club) and a pub quiz to enjoyable barbecues and gatherings. If you prefer to keep your door closed all the time and not participate in anything, this may not be the right place for you. Here, a true hands-on mentality prevails, and we actively collaborate, bringing new opportunities and possibilities."

A real hands-on mentality prevails, and we collaborate extensively.

What is the added value of this concept for Breda?
"This area was somewhat neglected - there was a lot of vacancy, and the number of established businesses was decreasing. That's why we decided, along with the other owners, to revitalize this place and bring something attractive back to Breda. By breathing new life into the building, we aimed to add something new to Breda. The entire area has received a significant boost in a short amount of time. There are now various businesses, and there's a lot of activity.

At 076@WORK, we're truly having our own 'party.' Whether you want to work in a friendly atmosphere in the work café or prefer a quiet meeting in one of our meeting rooms - everything is possible here! And the fact that there was indeed demand for this is evident from the fact that we are almost fully occupied."

Can you find the 'typical Breda' here as well?
"Breda brings it together, and you can certainly see that here. It's all about 'togetherness,' and you feel it as soon as you walk in. It's an open culture where everyone can be themselves. No fancy suits or hierarchy here, just a casual, no-nonsense, and low-profile environment.

It's a place where passionate entrepreneurs come together, support each other, and are genuinely engaged with each other. It reflects the hospitable character of Breda, but amplified. You easily get to know new people here, and the atmosphere is approachable and friendly."

Has it been successful (so far)?
"For me, yes. That moment came when I saw that the building was truly complete. Also, the fact that so many collaborations have emerged, and every company is represented at our events, is a sign to me that it has been successful. It's great to see that a real community is forming. I am highly involved in everything that happens here and ensure that everything is meticulously organized. And now it's paying off."

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